I gave tips on how to make sharable content to Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney PR expert Matthew Wu created a viral media campaign for Samsung Australia last year, which sent a video demonstrating the potential of the Gear VR headset viral within a week.

The video depicted a fly-in-fly-out father witnessing the birth of his son thanks to the use of the world’s first live streaming virtual reality birth using the technology.

It was an internet sensation, with 10,000,000-plus views without any paid support, resulting in the campaign being shortlisted as a finalist in the PR category of Cannes Lion 2015 and a winner in other industry awards.

“Feelings of happiness, surprise, anger or sadness and expressing video messages in a really nice simple way can be explosive on social media. Content that’s educational that can help others are also really shareable,” the account director of PR firm M&C Partners says. 

You can find the full article on Sydney Morning Herald, here.

Samsung LifeLIVE: 2015 Cannes PR Lions finalist


I was proud to have my Samsung LifeLIVE PR campaign shortlisted as a finalist in the 2015 Cannes PR Lions. The category received 1969 entires, from 70 different countries in 2015 – its most contested ever.


The technology behind the campaign meant that a father was able to watch his son’s birth in the world’s first live streaming virtual reality birth using the Gear VR headset.

Launched in March 2015, it hit the 10 million view count on YouTube within a week. All views were organic with no paid support – generated with the power of a good story and good PR.

The campaign was covered on local Australian media like Channel 7, Channel 9, News Limited, Fairfax Media, and more. It then went viral with articles on Mashable, Forbes, CNN, Daily Mail, FORTUNE, The Washington Post, and more.

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