I joined Melbourne’s largest Pokemon Go walk, here’s what it was like

On Saturday, 30th July, I –along with 400 other Melbourne Pokemon Go players — joined Melbourne’s biggest Pokemon Go walk since the launch of the game three weeks ago.

I penned a piece for GIZMODO Australia. You can find it here (Kotaku Australia also cross-posted it) and below:

All images by Matthew Wu and Russell Chee

I’m typing this while standing on a tram that’s going down Swanston Street — one of Melbourne’s main streets. There are five people playing the game near me. The two nearest to me are chatting away about their highest CP Pokemon, when we hear a loud thud. Someone has dropped their phone — it falls face up. I see a Pokedex on the screen and smile. Make that six people playing the game near me.

On a crispy 12 degrees Celsius afternoon on Saturday, 400 strangers gathered around Melbourne’s Federation Square for only one reason: Pokemon Go.

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Five Actually-Useful Pokemon Go Tips, From Five Level 25 Players

If you play Pokemon Go, I compiled a few expert tips from Aussie Pokemon Go Masters and wrote a piece for Gizmodo Australia.

(It’s good to write about stuff that’s not related to work, again)

It’s been just over two weeks since the launch of the app that even your neighbour who you’ve never met is talking about. Pokemon Go is now playable in over 50 countries, with the latest location being Nintendo’s origin country, Japan. The smartphone game has made Nintendo more valuable than Sony in less than a week, forced both US presidential nominees to mention the word ‘Pokemon’ in their speeches, and even taught social skills to young people with autism. If you’re not a fan of Pokemon Go you might have installed the PokeGone Chrome extension to try silencing the Internet.

However, if you’re still trying to be the very best, then take note of these actually useful tips from five level 25+ players to guide you this weekend.

There’s tips everywhere. There’s tips about how to level fast. There’s tips about how to get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon. And there’s tips about how to find Pokemon near you by looking at the fiddly steps counter thingy on the bottom right hand side of your screen.

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