How I knew Amazon Australia wasn’t in Australia (yet)

This evening, Australia’s online shopping enthusiasts were taken on a wild goose chase with the allure that Amazon was finally launching in Australia (previous rumours placed it in Q3 2017).

It started with GIZMODO Australia’s reporting (4:20pm) of the new @amazon_au Twitter account, tweeting at 4:05pm:

The editor didn’t proclaim this was a real account (just reported on the fact that it looked official) and reached out to the local Amazon PR representatives across its other local (and confirmed) business verticals (Video, Kindle, Audible, AWS) to confirm. Unfortunately the PRs didn’t get back to him.

When I first saw this at 10:30pm tonight, I actually thought it was the real deal! But upon investigating, I concluded that it was a fake account for several reasons (but secretly hoped I was wrong).

But first, why the account seemed credible (and fooled a lot of Australian enthusiastic online shoppers):

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