I was on live radio talking about Pokemon Go; here are my thoughts as a first time interviewee

On Sunday morning (12:20am, gasp!), I was asked to talk about Pokemon Go, local and global startups, and how to write Chinese on your smartphone, on Triple R, a Melbourne Independent Radio (102.7FM). 3RRR is Australia’s oldest independent broadcaster and is based in Melbourne. They saw my article about Melbourne’s largest Pokemon Go walk and wanted to chat to me more about the phenomenon itself and what the walk was like.

It was my first live radio gig so it was interesting to see how it worked from the back end. Here are some of my thoughts:

1. The host contacted me on Friday to see if I was available and interested

2. The host SMS’d me a few hours before the segment to check I was ready between 12am and 12:30am

3. They called me about 10 minutes before to make sure my phone and volume levels worked

4. They called me 60 seconds before I was due on to put me on hold

5. When they started introducing me, I was still muted until the intro was over

6. The audio in my ears was crystal clear — as if I was listening to digital radio — so it was just like having a normal conversation

7. There was a constant ‘beep’ sound on my side — to time every 10 seconds perhaps?

Overall, it was a positive experience. You can listen to it on 3RRR’s Radio on Demand here and skip to 20:45 to hear my part. The whole two hour segment was about technology though, so if you like that, listen to the whole thing!

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