I provided a comment to The Australian about the latest car incidents induced by Pokemon Go

There seems to be an ongoing trend of motorists causing accidents on the roads due to the driver playing Pokemon Go and not watching the roads.

Why this is even a thing, I don’t know. If you’re driving, don’t bloody use your phone to text, Snapchat, or play Pokemon Go. It’s not difficult.

The Australian newspaper had a chat with an insurance company who said these incidents would void any claims made by the driver. It was good advice. But then the spokesperson started going all Pokemon Go in the story and recommended using public transport to track a Snorlax and Tyranitar (#248). Lol, Pokemon Go only has the original 150 Pokemon… and you can’t use public transport because the Snorlax might not be on the route.

That’s probably why I was asked to provide a comment — from the perspective of a Pokemon Go player.

Here’s the part about me (forever immortalised as a Level 26 Pokemon Go player):

Tech enthusiast and level 26 Pokemon Go player Matthew Wu told The Australian one of the gameplay mechanics of Pokemon Go is the requirement for players to move in order to hatch eggs and to find Pokemon more frequently.

“This is only one part of playing the game; catching a Pidgey or Charmander isn’t life or death, but paying attention to the roads and surroundings definitely is,” he said.

“If you look at the bigger picture, this situation isn’t unique to Pokemon Go players. Motorists today are still texting, tweeting, and Snapchating from their phones while driving and incidents are unfortunately happening.

“The main lesson here is if you’re driving on the roads, don’t use your phone; it’s not just illegal, it’s the fact that there is more than one life that’s impacted by road accidents.”

You can read the full article on The Australian here and remember, if you’re driving, get your hand off it.

BONUS: I saw a great print ad yesterday by Lebanese road safety organisation, YASA,  that conveyed the same message:

UPDATE: Seems like Starts at 60, an Aussie online news and commentary website for active over 60s, has used my comments for their piece too, titled: Why Pokemon Go could end up costing you money even if you don’t play.

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