On the day of Cursed Child’s global release, this is how I was introduced to the Harry Potter world

A good way to spend Sunday, I think.

I’ll always remember the day I was introduced to the wizarding world.

A Year 5 Matthew Wu studying at a co-ed primary school in the South West of Sydney.

Everyone was scared of the library teacher that resided there. She was strict about not letting kids inside if their hands were dirty; she used to be at the library entrance every recess and lunch.

The guard of the library ensured no kid could damage the books by sliding her time-worn fingers against your presented palms 👐

She knew I loved reading books.

Deltora’s Quest, Goosebumps, geography and history books about wars and Ancient Egypt … Picture books … books with only words — the library had everything an 11 year old kid would want.

One day she thrusted a thick book into my hands.

“Read this,” she said. “Trust me, you’ll like it.”

So I gave her my library card and I had the book for two weeks.

I consumed that book in less than one. I sped through the next one in its series.

She was right. I loved the Harry Potter world.

The third and fourth book wouldn’t be coming out for another few months so I had to wait.

Back then, the series didn’t have the fanfare that it’s had over the last decade. No one knew Harry Potter. Heck — I didn’t even know what a wizard even was.#HipsterPreTeenMattWu

I remember the day she told me the third and fourth book was out (it was released at the same time). It was a great day.

Unfortunately, someone else in my class (I won’t ever forget this Sylvie) reserved Prisoner of Azkaban. So she asked if I wanted to wait for read the fourth book first … I chose the latter decision. Going into the –holy crap it’s a thick– book without even knowing who Sirius was.

I’m really annoyed I don’t remember the librarian’s name.

But thank you where ever you are now. You’ve made me appreciate stories and books and reading has made me a more enlightened and well-travelled person.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

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