retweeted one of my tweets!

It’s always exhilarating when a celebrity or someone that you respect engages with you on social media. This time it’s no different; though 99.99% of the world would have not heard of what are doing.

They’re building self-driving cars.

Big whoop, I hear you say. There are many autonomous vehicles out there already like Tesla and Google.

Big whoop, I say.

That’s because aren’t building a car. They’re not car engineers. They’re technology engineers.

And what do tech nerds do? They build computers. are building a computer that will enable autonomous driving for $1000 USD. The computer is installed in the car that’s currently parked in your driveway.

No one else is doing this. I don’t think many people will actually dare to do this.

That’s what startups do. They do stuff differently and almost always not in a conventional way. is aiming to bring this self-driving kit to consumers (probably in the States only) by the end of 2016 — a demanding goal.

At the helm of is George ‘geohot’ Hotz, infamously forever known as the kid who first hacked the iPhone (when he was 17). A few years later, he was the first person to hack the Sony Playstation 3.

But will his image change if becomes a success?

This post isn’t about who geohot is or what does in detail. For that, I encourage you to read the stories from Bloomberg and The Verge. They paint a good picture of the founder, his team, and why they are on this journey.

This post is about a giddy tech nerd like me who had one of his tweets retweeted by a company he respects.

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