Why Buzzfeed is dangerous for spies

If you work in the media industry, love reading random facts that are organised as a list, or enjoy completing quizzes for additional self awareness, you will know of the media giant that is Buzzfeed.

For a website that gets nearly 200 million uniques per month globally, there’s many eyes focusing on this media company that’s shifting from a company purely playing in the entertainment space, to also becoming a journalistic entity covering news and current affairs. Buzzfeed Australia’s already hired local reporters covering breaking news, government news, and even an Indigenous Affairs Reporter.

I stumbled upon this funny comic from DiscoBeach that provided a good representation around why we like reading Buzzfeed. Their (written and video) articles have a catchy title (this post also has one too) complemented by content that relatable to the reader.


In this comic, the group is reading a Buzzfeed article and only the guy on the left understands one of the jokes and laughs, drawing attention to the fact that he is in fact a spy.

It’s this chuckle that makes us believe that Buzzfeed understands us, and they probably do, with pieces about pop culture and 90s-era articles about canteen food, TV shows that we used to watch, music that we thought would be cool forever.  I know I read those 🙂

What about you? Are you reading Buzzfeed these days?

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