QUICK TIP: How to recover photos from a broken laptop

If your laptop’s not turning on or it’s displaying a blue screen (BSOD) before you can even get into the desktop, you may need to restore the laptop back to factory settings to have a working computer again.

If you perform a factory restore, you’ll also lose all your data including the photos and data that you wanted to recover, so you’ll need to first to recover your images.

But how to do that if your laptop won’t even turn on? Easy.

What you’ll need:

  1. Phillips head screwdriver
  2. The broken laptop
  3. A working computer/laptop
  4. External hard drive enclosure or dock


1. Turn over the laptop and remove the hard drive. Be wary that this may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Put the hard drive into an external hard drive dock that’s plugged into a working computer.


3. Your computer will recognise the drive. Access it via My Computer (Windows) or on the Desktop (Mac)

4. Find the files that you want to backup (photos, documents, game save files, etc) and drag them into the working computer’s desktop or a USB drive that’s connected to it.


5. After you play the waiting game (the duration depends on how many files and what size they are), that’s it!

BONUS: I went into Safe Mode (press the F8 key when the laptop boots up) and performed a System Restore to get rid of the blue screen problem that was facing the laptop.

BONUS2: To make the laptop load faster, I also performed a Disc Cleanup, Defragged the hard drive, and disabled unneeded software that started up when logging into the desktop.

disc cleanup



Simple, quick, and fast.

Only a few hours work and you get nice comments like these 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 6.22.38 pm

Totally worth it.

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